JBoss Governance: Overlord.

Any computer system, whether it is centralized or distributed, needs some form of governance, i.e., the act of monitoring and managing the system. Such governance may be as simple as ensuring only authorized users have access to capabilities (e.g. services), or as complex as guaranteeing the system and its components maintain a level of availability or reliability in the presence of failures or increased system load. Managing distributed systems has always been a critical aspect for users, developers and administrators. As those distributed systems grew in scope and scalability, spanning multiple organizations with different infrastructures and trust boundaries, governance became more difficult but even more important. Governance deals with the processes by which a system operates. In order to have successful governance, some form of management, monitoring and administration is required for these processes

Governance is the discipline of creating policies and communicating and enforcing them. Overlord is the umbrella project that will bring governance to the JBoss SOA Platform and eventually beyond.



Design Time Governance

This component provides the capability to manage the lifecycle of systems from inception through deployment through subsequent change management. A flexible workflow driven approach is used to enable organizations to customize governance to fit the way they work.

Run Time Governance

This component provides the infrastructure to capture service activity information and then correlate, analyse and finally present the information in a form that can be used by a business to police Business/Service Level Agreements, and optimize their business.


"The SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol (S-RAMP) TC defines a common data model for SOA repositories as well as an interaction protocol to facilitate the use of common tooling and sharing of data." This component provides a reference implementation for this standard.


Related Projects

ModeShape The Guvnor project leverages the Java Content Repository (JCR) standard for providing storage of artifacts. The JCR implementation that will be used is provided by the ModeShape project, with its range of capabilities (such as federation and sequencers) that can be leveraged in support of governance capabilities.
SAVARA The Savara project is providing a methodology and tools in support of a concept called Testable Architecture, which aims to ensure that artifacts defined at different stages of the software development lifecycle are consistent against each other, both at design and run-time.


About the Overlord Initiative

Getting Involved If you wish to get involved as a developer in the JBoss Overlord group of projects, please visit the forums and get to know people. Also, it is recommended you visit the JIRA pages for the sub-projects, to get a glimpse of the status of project tasks.
All of the developers on the JBoss Overlord project began as independent contributors to one JBoss project or another. JBoss core developers are guided by a meritocracy, and we hire talent anywhere in the world it may be.
Community Our user and developer forums are the main channel of communication between all community members. If you experience problems, have questions, or simply want to meet the community, visit the forums.
Acknowledgements The JBoss Overlord group of projects were created by professional open source developers from around the world. We also have had contributions from leading SOA technologists from the community as well as working closely with a number of partners to provide enhanced capabilities.
Professional Support Red Hat Inc. delivers the Professional Support, Consulting, and Training that you need whether you are testing a proof of concept, deploying a mission-critical application, or rolling out across your enterprise.

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