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Bleeding Edge Governance - Getting Started



Name Description Software Version
S-RAMP Milestone 2 Screencast S-RAMP is an emerging OASIS standard for a Service Oriented Architecture repository (and accompanying protocol for accessing that repository). JBoss Overlord has chosen S-RAMP as the core repository around which SOA Governance functionality is being built. Milestone 2 of the JBoss Overlord S-RAMP project supports some of the core S-RAMP repository functionality as well as integration with the Maven build automation framework. This webcast will show off some of these features, demonstrating them using a variant of the JBoss Switchyard multiApp demo. 0.2.0
SRAMP-101: Everything you ever wanted to know about S-RAMP but were afraid to ask This video is a high level overview of S-RAMP as well as a demonstration of the S-RAMP implementation we've done in the JBoss Overlord project. 0.3.0.Final